Today we took my niece and nephew for a day out. We headed towards Bridlington to see some fascinating birds of prey at Park Rose Bird of Prey Centre & Animal Park.

Bridlington Seagull – not a bird of prey

This seagull was not one of them, but we forgot any decent camera and the camera on my phone wasn’t good enough to catch the birds in flight – so this seagull will have to do!

There was a show of the birds of prey flying, given in part by members of the young falconers club. First we saw a barn owl called Plop, named after the owl who was afraid of the dark. Next we saw an eagle owl called Merlin. Apparently the female eagle owl can take down a small deer, so it was probably a good thing that we left pugs Molly and George at home!

Then we headed to Bridlington for ice cream and donuts on the pier, where we took a ride on a real pirate ship! Apparently pirate ships are powered using diesel and are accompanied by sea shanties from the likes of Boyzone and Westlife!