In my first year module on Games Development Studies one of the things that seems to stick with students as they progress through their course is Naches. No, I don’t mean the tasty tortilla based snack. Naches is derived from a yiddish word nakhes and means pride in the achievements of another person, such as a child or a mentee.

Naches is something that we experience a lot when we see students graduate and move on to bigger and better things, but frustratingly when students work for larger games companies they often have to sign nondisclosure agreements, which means that whenever I catch up with them and ask them what they are working the most common reply is “Sorry, I can’t tell you that”.

In contrast, when ex-students are working in smaller groups and need to get the word out about their games they love to talk about them. Sometimes they even provide a video and reach out across social media, just like Yacine did.

Yacine has been working on a game called Ellipsis. It looks to me like Geometry Wars with a touch interface, it looks very pretty, and sounds good too. All good things in a game. To get the word out Yancine has made this demo video:

You can find out more about ellipsis, and it’s upcoming release to the Apple App Store and Google Play here: