In accordance of the venerable advice of my academic mentor Rob Miles everyone should have a blog. I’ve toyed with the idea but resisted for a long time for a few reasons.

Firstly my ego would not allow it and the internet needs nothing less than another stream of unchecked rants streaming into it; Why should anyone care what I have to say?

Secondly I’m quite a private, and busy person. More often than not I find I fail to email my own mother often enough.

Finally there is the fear of mockery or ridicule, putting yourself out there square in the sights of the faceless and fearless online community.

After some thought though I had an epiphany. You don’t blog for the interwebs. You blog for you!

Apart from practising my writing, which I clearly need, apparently engaging in creative activities could help me to improve links between the two half of my brain. Any established programmer will tell you that programming is as much a creative process as it is a logical one.

Yes, I’m sceptical, but the evidence that I’ve bothered to look at seems to stack up, not least that I may have been working at less the 50% capacity, to which I’m sure many of my colleagues and peers would testify.

And at least my mum should be able to keep up with what I’m doing now!

“Hello, Blog!”