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Summer Cinema Roundup

I’ve been going to the cinema a lot more than usual recently, and in spite of that I still seem to be missing things that I had planned on seeing. In this post I’m going to summarise three films that I did manage to see though.
The first is Pacific Rim. It was pretty much what I expected. Much like any of the sequels to Fast and the Furious this was real “check you brain in at the door” stuff. Giant monsters come out of a giant crack in the sea bed and start terrorising all of humanity. Humans band together against the common enemy to create giant robots that are so complex they need two pilots to be controlled. In order to be effective these pilots share a mental connection to one another.

Giant Robots fight Giant Monsters - What more do you want?

Giant Robots fight Giant Monsters – What more do you want?

The highlight for me was when a robot smacked a monster in the face using a battleship as an improvised baseball bat.

I also took my better half to see Monsters University – the long awaited sequel to Monsters Inc which tells the story of how the main characters of Monsters Inc met. I’m a big fan of all Pixar films, and Monsters Inc is no exception. Monster’s University suffers slightly from not living up to my expectations for something that I’ve probably unfairly placed on a bit of a pedestal. It was a great film none the less.

Monsters University. I hear that they let pretty much anyone in!

Monsters University. I hear that they let pretty much anyone in!

More recently I enjoyed the new Wolverine film. It was much, much better than the Wolverine Origins offering from 2009. It was a little predictable, but good fun all the same. Lots of action backed up with just enough story to justify it. I didn’t really like the Venom character, who seemed incredibly underdeveloped but that aside it’s worth the price of entry.

Hugh Jackman has bulked up considerably since the first X-Men film

Hugh Jackman has bulked up considerably since the first X-Men film

Finally, I took the opportunity to see Kick Ass 2. It seemed to have a lot more story than I remember the first film having. Perhaps that’s because the key characters are more familiar we’re continually developing as a results of the events in the first film.  Jim Carey wasn’t quite as irritating and Jim Carey sometimes can be, but he also seemed a little superfluous. Perhaps he wasn’t very annoying because he wasn’t really in it for very long.

Kickass 2 - bloody violence and bad language

Kickass 2 – bloody violence and bad language

Kick ass is still exactly what you would expect however. Lots of fighting and over the top comic book violence which isn’t for everyone. I still found I enjoyed the film as a whole and it may even be an improvement on the first. There were some pretty funny moments too, mostly provided by the films inept wannabe super villain.

So that’s my round up of recent films. Next stop – Elysium.

World War Z

Last weekend the wife and I took a trip to the cinema to see the latest zombie apocalypse film World War Z.


We’re both fans on zombie films, and ever since we saw the first trailer we’ve been looking forward to this film. We were worried that it wouldn’t live up to the hype but it certainly didn’t disappoint. I don’t want to post any sort of spoilers, so I’ll just say that the zombie apocalypse comes in the form of an extremely fast acting virus. Brad Pitt goes in search of the source in the hopes that it might give clues to a strategy to combat the virus. Set in locations all over the world, each location results in a cool set piece of action. In fact, at times I thought of Brad as some sort of catalyst for mayhem, escaping each time by the skin of his teeth to move on and wreak havoc elsewhere. I really enjoyed World War Z. For me it delivered everything the “leave your brain by the door” films do in terms of action, but it added more depth as Brad is forced to leave his family and play detective in search of an answer to the zombie onslaught. It’s definitely clawed it’s way into my top five favourite zombie films.

One of my favourite parts of going to the cinema is the trailers. I’m looking forward to the usual summer blockbusters, but we saw a trailer for one film that I wasn’t aware of. “This is the end” looked absolutely hilarious. The idea is that whilst a bunch of Hollywood celebrities (played by themselves) are partying at James Franco’s house the world ends. I’m a little worried that I may have already seen all of the funniest bits in the trailer, but we’ll definitely give that one a go.

The highlight line: “Hermione stole all of our ****!”

The Dark Knight Rises

Tonight I went to see the much anticipated finale in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The cinema was packed and so the only place we could find to sit was on the very front row. I actually had to turn my head to see the edges of the screen.

The Dark Knight Rises – Nolan concludes the trilogy

Although the film was a little long it didn’t disappoint. It was an excellent conclusion to the Trilogy and whilst the Bane character had no where near as much chaotic charisma as Heath Ledger’s Joker it’s only Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker that makes this the second best film in the trilogy. One criticism I had for the film was that Bane’s mask was never really explained properly, and the fact that it obscured his voice so much that in some sections I couldn’t actually understand what he was saying. That’s a pity because in other sections his dialogue proved quiet poignant and gave some good insight into the characters involved.

Overall though The Dark Knight Rises is excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though Nolan said he would only do three films the door is left wide open for a spin off or two, so whilst I doubt he will take them on part of me is left really hoping that this isn’t where the story ends.