I’ve been done playing Atom Zombie Smasher for a while now, but I did enjoy it so I figured it was worth talking about. It highlights yet again that you need not have a ton of complex graphics to deliver a good game playing experience. In fact, in some cases stunning graphics actually obscure, or worse, replace gameplay.

Die pink zombie cuboids, Die!

In atom zombie smasher you take on the role of the military, evacuating tiny cuboid people from cities before they are infected by the descending hordes of pink zombies. If a zombie touches a person they become infected, adding to your problems. You can use terrain and a number of offensive and defensive units to destroy the zombies and help airlift the people to safety.

It’s a pretty enjoyable experience and fun to play for a few minutes now and then. If you watch zombie films and think you could do a better job at setting a perimeter, funnelling the zombies into traps and making difficult decisions about what constitutes acceptable collateral damage I recommend you take a look at Atom Zombie Smasher.