This morning when I set out to walk the pugs I saw a hedgehog on the green in front of our house. It’s unusual for hedgehogs to be out during the day. In case you’ve never seen a real one they aren’t blue and they don’t wear sneakers! This particular one seemed to be quite distressed, walking around in tight circles. It seemed to have something caught around its legs.

I told my wife, who overcame her deep seeded fear of hedgehogs and managed to coral the terrifying beast into a box. She soon warmed to the little thing, and even named him Mitch.

Mitch was a little camera shy

She took Mitch away to Hull animal welfare’s hedgehog hospital and had it looked at. Its legs were soon untied but it also had had some sort of trauma to the spines on its head. We’re not sure if it will be able to be released, but if not apparently there is a local home for hedgehogs who can’t be released again.

I’m pleased that Mitch has ended up in good hands and proud that my wife went to the effort to make sure that was the case. She’s a Hedgehog Hero!