.. when you can have notepad++!

Notepad++ is basically a text editor (like notepad) with a ton of extra really useful features.

My Favourite Notepad++ Features

My Favourite Notepad++ Features

Here’s a list of my five favourite notepad++ features:

  1. Tabs – I can work on multiple documents at the same time. I can save them all at the same time, and if I close the program it will remember what files I was working on and have them ready for me when I open it again.
  2. Syntax Highlighting – if you give the file the right extension you get nice syntax and keyword highlighting making it easier to structure code and spot errors.
  3. You can launch your code with an .exe – for example, under this menu I get options to launch the webpage I’m working on in internet explorer, firefox or chrome – whatever notepad++ knows is installed on your machine.
  4. Plug ins – there is an active community of programmers writing code to plug in to notepad++ delivering the useful features they want to see – for example, I have an SVN plugin that is built on top of Tortoise SVN so I can manage version control of my files.
  5. Best of all, it’s free!

Notepad++ isn’t the only alternative though. There are lots of others! What text editors do you use? Why do you use them? If you do use notepad++ too what are your favourite features?