Almost a week ago I blogged about the new Broken Sword game, The Serpent’s Curse. Well since then I’ve been really busy at work preparing to leave and go on my holidays, but yesterday I got an email informing me that they’ve hit their target of $400,000 which means that the funding is definitely going ahead. What happen’s next is that something called stretch goals are announced. Stretch goals are basically additional things that come into play if higher targets are reached, and there is one very exciting one.

If the target of $1,000,000 is reached a sequel to Beneath A Steel Sky will get the go ahead. Beneath a Steel Sky is another game I remember from my childhood. If you’ve never played it you can download the original for free just by signing up to Additionally you can also download a remastered version for your Apple device from the iTunes store for about £2, so that’s given me something to do on my flight to Vegas on Sunday!

The kickstarter campaign has made it’s $400,000 target is pretty much half the time, so $1,000,000 is by no means a shoe in. If anything it’s a bit of a long shot. I’d love to play the sequel to Beneath A Steel Sky so I’m urging everyone to jump off of the fence and back this project, or upgrade their pledge.

Click on this link to go to the Broken Sword – The Serpents Curse Kickstarter Page.