Tag Metatag

My blogging tool (wordpress) told me off recently for not tagging my posts properly.

Tags are important for two reasons.

The first is because they are used in metatags. That is, they provide information about the information of each page I write. This helps search engines that use programs called spiders or webcrawlers to figure out what my posts are about, and use that to index the blog in search results. That’s the main reason why tags are important, but that doesn’t really concern me. At least, not enough to go back and tag every post I’ve made so far. After all, I’m blogging for my own benefit, and possibly the few people who might read my blog who would find it on their own anyway.

The reason tags are important to me is because I can use them over time to build a picture of what my blog is about. I should be able to tell if I talk mainly about football, or games, or programming, or whatever. To do that I need some sort of tag visualizer like a tag cloud. I best start looking for a good tag cloud plugin for wordpress (and to go back and re-tag the posts I’ve neglected).

If you know of a good tag cloud plug in in wordpress let me know!