I’ve said before how I like to keep in touch with alumni. Often they are a pleasure to know when they are studying at University, but watching them as they go into the games industry and started making a name for themselves makes you really proud of what they are able to achieve, and perhaps even a little bit jealous!

Yacine Salmi did our masters course a while ago. It might even be more than 10 years ago now, which is scary. I’ve been vaguely aware of some of the projects that Yacine has worked on, but his latest offering – a mobile game called ellipsis, is doing really really well. Ellipsis has won Intel Level Up Game Developer Contest awards for “Game of the Year” and “Best Action Game”. and judging by social media Yacine is now busy flying all over the world promoting his game.

Here he is promoting his game at the Tokyo Game Show! He’s on from about an hour in.

Yacine explains to the host that Ellipsis is a minimalist action puzzle game. Ellipsis also has no text at all, which is clever because it means that the market is not restricted by language. You can watch the trailer for Ellipsis here, and you should definitely check it out.