When I was a little younger bank holiday weekends we’re all about taking advantage of an extra day to recover from a well deserved hangover after a day or two of excessive drinking.

Now I’m a little older it seems that bank holiday weekends are dedicated to something else…

The blog that brought you watching grass grow proudly introduces watching paint dry!


I painted the bathrooms using a paint pod which is one of two that I got for free each with the purchase of a pot of paint (I won’t mention the brand but the old english sheep dog was not included). I wasn’t really sure what to make of the paint pod. It didn’t make the job any quicker, in fact (partially because I was painting white paint on top of a colour) I had to do four coats and it still could do with another now. What it did do though was limit the mess almost completely, and used very little paint. The fact that each coat was so thin is the other reason it took so many coats to get sufficient coverage.

Overall I’d probably recommend the paint pod. I’m assuming that it will last a few more rooms before packing in, I reckon the lack of mess and the economical use of paint makes it worth a go. It is a bugger to clean all the bits though!