X-box live is now offering rewards in x-box points for certain tasks, such as filling in surveys, or watching iPlayer. They’re also providing some statistics about how much you play and when. I play most when I don’t have to be at work!

Christmas Holidays = Play Time!

Apparently I’m also better than the whole rest of the world at getting achievements, outscoring the global xbox rewards community 83-57 over the last six months.

I’ve already earned 440 points. Next I have to play 2 hours of Kinect (I got a Kinect for my birthday – I’ll blog about that later), watch ten hours of media (probably iPlayer or LoveFilm) and use facebook through my Xbox for 2 hours during April to receive another 300 points.

I wonder if I’ll be able to get enough points for minecraft when it’s released on XBLA on May 9th. Apparently it will be a whopping 1600 points!