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Welcome George!

Molly got a new friend yesterday. His name is George.

George T. Pug

Molly has always been really, really excited to play with other dogs. She doesn’t seem to be phased by being small and she always wants to run with the big dogs. For a while we’ve felt that it’s a real shame that she doesn’t have a friend to play with at home. She sometimes plays with Piggy (who’s a cat) but often Piggy isn’t really in the mood to play.

To remedy this yesterday we found Molly a little friend. His name is George and despite being a third of Molly’s size he seems bold enough to play with her, although he’s not yet bold enough to climb the stairs!

George delivers a punishing right hook!

I’m sure all this fighting is natural play and good for both pugs. At the moment Molly still seems to be holding back a little, which is good as for once she has a clear weight advantage.

Best let sleeping pugs lie

At least they seem to be wearing each other out!

Welcome George!

Molly Pug

I’ve been surprised by the number of people who have asked about my dog, so today I thought I should introduce Molly to you all. Molly is a 15 month old pug, although in this picture, I think she’s about 4 months old.

Molly when she was little

I must admit that a pug was not my first choice for a pet. When I was growing up we always had big dogs, so that was my preference. A small dog has turned out to be far more practical though, especially as she insists on sharing a bed!

Molly and Axl on Hornsea Beach

Molly and Axl on Hornsea Beach

Today we took Molly to the beach at Hornsea for a walk with my parent’s dog, Axl. Molly’s always been really happy to play with other dogs, no matter how much bigger than her they are! Even though she’s very small Molly has a big dog character and she has grown on me so much that we may well add another small dog to the family in the not to distant future.