It’s been five years since we did our first 24 hour game jam event. Since then we’ve iterated on the event several times, and I think we’re getting pretty good at them. The first one we did was proposed by xbox 360 magazine. You can see the article they published about it here:

Destruction Golf

That year I formed a team of some of our best students, and together (although I much accept the majority of the blame) we catastrophically imploded under the weight of our unrealistic ambitions. I think we learnt a lot though.

Anyway, that team of graduates got their degrees and all went off together to work for a company in Guildford called Criterion, who are responsible for the Burnout series as well as the Need for Speed franchise. Sadly, Criterion are no more, but rising from the ashes is a new studio called Three Fields. Their new IP is a game called Dangerous Golf, which seems to be taking an element fun-failure crash physics from Burnout and turning it into fun success – destroy as much stuff as you can with a flaming golf ball.

This looks like fantastic fun and personally I can’t wait until May when I can start causing havoc, and although it is most likely a coincidence it makes me wonder whether this new game is in some small way inspired by our first game jam in Hull.