Whilst visiting Hornsea and walking Molly on the beach I was taken back to my early teens, with memories of coming out to the beach, early on a Sunday morning after I’d finished my paper round, and just sitting watching the waves lapping at the shore as the sun came up over the sea. It was quite therapeutic, and something that I realise now I really took for granted then.

Part of me really misses this kind of relaxation and, at the risk of sounding a bit like a hippy – meditation. However when I’m struggling to focus my mind on a particular task in it’s often helpful to clear your mind somehow. Maybe take a walk, or do something a little more straight forward and let your unconscious mind mull over the difficult problem for a while.

Ooops, Alt + PrtScn Fail!

doNothingForTwoMinutes.com is a website that challenges people to do nothing for two minutes. It shows you a nice scene of the sea for two minutes, during which you’re not allowed to touch the mouse or keyboard, otherwise you have to start over.

If you’re a bit more receptive to the idea helping your focus by relaxing, try calm.com which will talk you through taking a relaxing, meditative break for five minutes or so.