The highlight of the day at GDC was Sony’s little publicised session in which they announced Project Morpheus, their competitor to the oculus rift, and bid to bring virtual reality to mainstream.

Project Morpheus - Sony's VR Headset

Project Morpheus – Sony’s VR Headset

Project Morpheus will be available for use with PS4 and PS Move, with 1000Hz tracking and 1080p screen (presumably split between both eyes). Sony talked about immersion and presence, but there were no specifics, no release date, no final specs, no price point. I have no doubt that Sony are getting close to release, but the whole thing seemed a little rushed. The session wasn’t in the programs, and appears to have been arranged at the very last minute. Despite the fact there are bigger rooms here we were squeezed into two rooms with a video link between them. The session was on Tuesday before most of the developers arrive tomorrow. It just doesn’t make sense.

It’s almost like Sony are trying to get the jump on something. I wonder if there are more announcements to come. Perhaps Sony are trying to beat Microsoft or OculusVR (or both) to the party.