Over the weekend we had some fun supporting Platform Expos. Platform Expos is a movement that promotes education, employment and entertainment to digital media, content creation and last but by no means least, games.

The Friday was dedicated to workshops for schools. Rob and I loaded up Rob’s car and shifted 15 Raspberry Pis, monitors and keyboards to the studio school where we did workshops on Hardware Interfacing and programming Minecraft with the Raspberry Pi. The whole thing went down well, but it wouldn’t have gone as well without a good deal of help from some of the college students who helped us with some last minute room organisation and setup. They were truly brilliant, all we needed to do was ask and they organised themselves and delivered whatever we needed quickly and efficiently. A big thank you to you guys!

On Saturday I was back in town giving a talk about how gaming and the games industry has evolved. I think the session went well, and the crowd were great and weren’t too shy about getting involved either. After my talk I wandered around the expo, spoke to a few students who were both customers and exhibitors, and had a chat with an ex-student who was working on a stand for Cross Platform C++ Development SDK Marmalade – exciting stuff!

This sort of event is great for the city, and great for getting young people thinking about potential careers in various area of computer science or digital art. Long may they continue!