Well, I’ve just about recovered from last weekend’s three thing game competition. This is a great competition where students make a game in a day based upon three things, that they secured in a thing auction earlier in the week. This event has a fantastic atmosphere, and is a great event for all of our students to get involved with, and 150 of them did even though some of them have only been learning programming for a couple of months. They all did a great job!

Of course, Spooky Elephant took part, and got through to the final with our Walrus, Custard, Swimming offering. To mix things up a bit we targeted the PSVita, and although the IDE appeared to be a little flaky as the solution often needed cleaning, and sometimes lost intellisense I really liked working with the Playstation Mobile APIs.

Once again I think we made a great team. David and David provided some great programming, especially working around the dodgy hackery I implemented about sixteen hours in. Lewis and Mickey provided some amazing art work and Rob did a great job of ironing out the difficulties deploying to the PS Vita.

Wilbur the Walrus in all his super cute glory!

Wilbur the Walrus in all his super cute glory!

Judging took place via a three minute video. You can see our video below.

The judges deemed our contribution worthy of a place in the top nine, even though I thought we weren’t really being judged! We’re now trying to work out how we can find the time to publish the game, and once that’s done we can think about porting to other platforms like XNA.

Thanks to the chaps from Boss Alien for coming up to see the event kick off, and judging it at the end, and of course providing some prizes. The guys from Platform also brought some prizes and a big thanks to Microsoft for footing the pizza bill!