I’ve been watching the storm heading up to the console wars with both a personal and a professional interest. Despite a lot of criticism that seems to be based on little more that Sony’s superior smoke and mirrors I feel like I’m still falling on the side of the XBox One.


I was concerned that this was nothing more than my not being impartial and holding on to some brand loyalty but the more I think about it the more it makes sense, to me at least. Both machines seem to be more PC like that in previous generations, and games cost so much to make these days that I really don’t think it’s financially viable any more to make a game exclusively for one console or the other. Exclusives are all in the form of DLC, or DLC before another console. I can wait! It seems that the systems are pretty comparable on a technical level, and although I had reservations about how much of those resources the always on Xbox’s OS would take up initial reports seem to indicate that it’s the PS4’s OS that will take up more RAM.

At the E3 launch event Microsoft were criticised for having too bigger focus on TV and Sport, and yes, they did that at the wrong place – at a games conference – but what I see is a company trying to expand their market and build a unified media centre, whilst Sony are being loyal to the console gamers. I don’t have a problem with Microsoft creating a bigger market – but they should have realised that at E3 they should be addressing their audience – their current market.

Microsoft have been criticised for their higher price, but you do seem to get a lot more for your money because of the bundled in headset and a kinect 2. Now, you might not be interested in a headset and a kinect 2, but bundling these things with the console opens up new opportunities for developers. If you develop a game for the kinect 2 you’re no longer reducing your market – all of the xbox one owners will be able to play. That creates new opportunities for developers. I think that the Kinect 2 is vital in realising Microsoft’s vision of an all in one system to serve media to your front room.

Microsoft have backtracked on some things, but I think that their vision remains intact. Microsoft want to deliver software as a service, and introduce the market to ideas that really enable the use of the cloud. So far, the indie development plans for XBox seem to be promises that will come later. As of today established Indie developers can apply for Dev Kits, but Microsoft are still promising that every XBox One will be able to be converted to a dev kit in the future – but when?

Recently Microsoft announced that FIFA 14 would come bundled with all XBox One consoles in Europe. This is one way they are trying to close the price difference between their next gen console and Sony’s. I have no interest in this – can I Swapz for Madden25 Plz.

Being a bit more biased – I think the XBox One has a bigger rival for their market share, but it’s one that they probably won’t be that worried about. That’s the great line up coming on the XBox.

GTA V looks epic!

GTA V looks epic!

GTA V looks great and is probably going to be the biggest game ever on the Xbox 360. I’m also really looking forward to Arkham Origins.

I have high hopes for Batman Arkham Origins too.

I have high hopes for Batman Arkham Origins too.

But can I justify investing in two new games just before buying a whole new console?