The Thursday we had our End of Year Bash coupled with a three thing game. The bash went well as usual, although this year there was a focus on board and card games. I think this gave the event a very different, more intimate feel – and was possibly even better than the usual video game based event.

I spent most of my time (in between collating marks in time for our excellent secretarial team to generate the necessary spread sheet for the exam boards) at the three thing game. A while ago some people at Boss Alien sent me an email offering to get involve and engage with us and our students. They had a bunch of ideas but in the interest of a quick response, and because we hadn’t organised one this semester we decided to put on a three thing game. Once again our students did us proud and created a bunch of great games. The standard is still increasing. Perhaps the students have learnt something during their time with us this semester – which is always a good thing when you’re in the teaching business.

The highlight for me was the level to which the guys from Boss Alien wanted to get involved. It one thing providing some cash for prizes, but giving up developer time showed me that they were really committed to the event. They provided us with over 300 words to use, which took considerable pruning. They stayed with us from start to end and created their own Zombie Soldier Giant Crab game, they helped judge and provided a generous set of prizes. I also really enjoyed chatting with them about the industry, how it’s evolved and where it might be headed.

The other thing that I was really impressed by was the interest that the Boss Alien guys took in the games that were produced. I think this is testament both to the student’s games themselves and the enthusiasm of the Boss Alien guys in the game design process.

Big thanks to Boss Alien for everything that they did for us. Some participants commented that they thought this was the best TTG yet!