This is the long, long overdue part 4 of 4 of my Las Vegas adventure. So very very much has gone on whilst I’ve been neglecting my blog, but that’s not the subject of this post.

Panorama of Fremont Street's lights

Panorama of Fremont Street’s lights

This post will focus on the final installment of my Las Vegas adventure, and is all about downtown Las Vegas. Fremont Street is basically where the old Casinos were before the modern strip was built. The iconic Cowboy and the Four Queens are there, and there are a lot of street performers too. Some are good, some not so much. It’s also the location of the infamous Heart Attack Grill, which prides itself on it’s incredibly unhealthy food. They hold the Guinness World Record for the most calorific burger: the Quadruple Bypass Burger at just shy of 10,000 calories. If you go in you’re given theatre gown to wear by one of the grills “nurse” waitresses. Outside there is a cattle scale, and any individual who weighs over 300 pounds can eat for free. Only in Vegas! and no, we didn’t eat there.

Anyway, our trip to Fremont Street begins with a visit to the mob museum. It gave a lot of (sometimes gruesome) insight into how the various mafia groups rose to power and how they stayed there. After that we stopped for lunch at the Four Queens where they offered a three course steak dinner for less than ten dollars in an effort to bring people into their Casino, and after that we waited a while for it to get dark and the main event.


The length of Fremont street runs a canopy where in the evenings there is a light show. It’s quite a spectacle and worth going to see, although compared to the strip, which does a reasonable job of disguising it behind all the luxury and opulence Fremont Street seemed unashamedly seedy. I was quite glad to get on the bus back to the strip, but the flashing lights sure were pretty!