This week you can get your hands on not one – but two indie game bundles. I really like these little bundles of indie games because for a fantastic price I get to try out a few games that I wouldn’t have played otherwise.

Anyway, IndieGala 8 is available from

9 games if you pay more than the average!

I haven’t played any of these games yet, but I’m especially looking forward to trying out Dark Fall, and Space Empires V (although it seems pretty complex and I doubt I’ll find the time to fully appreciate it). Sacred and Ghost Master also look like a lot of fun. Not only can you get all these games at a great price, but Indie Gala purchases also send a proportion of their income, that you can allocate, to charity. This time money goes to help two charities. The first is the Italian Red Cross who need financial aid as they deal with the aftermath of a recent earthquake. The second is a regular Indie Gala charity called AbleGamers, that helps adapt controllers and games for anyone who can’t use more traditional gaming interfaces. I became more aware of this charity when I saw Ian Livingstone OBE give the charity a shining endorsement at GDC. Ablegamers is definitely a worthy cause.

At you can get six games as part of the Getaway Bundle.

I love Super Amazing Wagon Adventure which uses a chunky, no frills graphical style and a frantic set of minigames (loosely) themed around travelling west across American on the wagon trail. Analogue:A Hate Story seems to be a twist on text based adventures, but takes inspiration from Alien and Space Odyssey, and Waves looks to have gratuitous amounts of particles, which is never a bad thing!

Grab your self a bargain (or fifteen!)