I have very fond memories of working my way through Super Mario 3 and dispatching Bowser’s kids, the koopalings one by one so in a very nostalgic way those are my favourite antagonists.

The Koopalings seemed to have very distinct personalities – lots of fun

However, there is a more modern villain that delivered just as much and maybe more.

Joker – voiced by actor Mark Hamill – who also appeared in the Wing Commander series

I’m not sure whether it’s the character or the delivery, but I expect it is probably a bit of both. I feel like you can talk about the execution of the Joker in the same way that you might talk about an actor playing Hamlet. Clearly Heath Ledger’s Joker was a bright spot of brilliance, so much so that I consider The Dark Knight to be the first Batman film that is not about Batman. I think the portrayal of Joker in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City was executed to a similar level of precision and excellence. The fact that both manifestations of the Joker shine would indicate that the Joker is simply a great character, yet both are very different. Whatever the reason the video game Joker is believable and certainly has plenty of depth. Characters in videogames can often go very wrong, but this one went very, very right.