I’m playing a little bit of a lot of games right now. I’ve got all sorts of games in the cupboard that I feel guilty for not playing. All sorts of games I’ve picked up from indie bundles, but the one I’m going to post about is one that I played when I was young, and recently bought DRM free through www.gog.com.

Privateer – nostalgia goes a long way

http://www.gog.com is a website that sells both nostalgic and more recent games with no digital rights management very cheaply. It’s worth taking a look at, if only because you can play some classic games for free just for signing up! There are loads of games that I’d love to replay on there as well as more modern titles, but back to privateer.

In privateer you’re just trying to make your way in the universe as a trader, bounty hunter or whatever, and making a little money to upgrade your ship and ensure your survival for another day, but when you discover a strange alien artifact things get a little more complicated. You start to get involved with intergalactic mobsters, researching academics and even an enemy of eight foot tall cats call the kilrathi.

Approaching a space station, preparing for the automatic landing procedure

If you don’t want to pay a small amount for privateer some dedicated hackers have recreated the game with full 3d models and an openGL based rendering engine. You can download their version, privateer gemini gold from http://privateer.sourceforge.net/.

Pretty, pretty hardware acceleration!

I still prefer the old version. I think that privateer is a great game, but that made me wonder, how much is nostalgia and how much is greatness? How much to I love the game because I don’t have to go through the learning curve. I know what I have to do and I just about remember how to do it?

If you’ve not played privateer before and you give it a shot, please let me know if it really is great, or if I’m just looking back through rose tinted glasses!