A couple of weeks ago there was either a genuine next gen xbox leak or a very elaborate hoax. I managed to get hold of the leaked document whilst I still could and whilst it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense to spend too much time looking at what may be a lie (just like the cake) there are a couple of things that caught my interest. The first is the advances in Kinect.

This is what I think the next-gen xbox logo will look like 😉

I think my kinect is great, but I still think of it as a bit of a novelty. It’s interesting to see what has gone on in the games industry recently. Here’s my impression of what happened. First Nintendo dropped out of the traditional console wars and carved out a whole new market of casual gamers for themselves. Xbox and Sony fancy a slice of the action and so develop their own motion capture solutions. They don’t really seem to be aiming at the same market though, and in the meantime this new demographic of gamers became more aware of casual mobile and online games and began to defect to the distinctly cheaper alternatives. That’s why I find the idea that microsoft are still pushing the kinect so hard as a little odd, but then, what do I know. I predicted that the Spice Girls would be one hit wonders and the Wii was a definite bust.

The second thing that I think is interesting about the xbox 720 leaked document is the integration with other devices. We’ve already heard Sony talk about integration between the Vita and PS3, and now I can merge msn with xbox live and check my achievements online. I’m really interested in the idea of games that persist outside of the context of the game, and across into other games.

Anyway, like I said, I don’t have too much time to speculate on something that might be fake, but it’s fun to imagine what might be. Personally I’m more interested in the threat of services like onlive once the infrastructure to support it is more established.