Last night I watched the opening ceremony for the Olympics. It was quite a spectacle and told a brief history of Great Britain in three broad parts. First we had a British country scene – depicting village greens, maypoles and cricket. That quickly gave way to a Great British scene of engineering and industry during which British engineering great Isambard Kingdom Brunell looked proudly on as the Olympic rings were forged in the shadows of great chimney stacks.

The Olympic Rings – forged in Great Britain’s industrial 1800’s rain down into Wembley Stadium

The final phase depicted a ubiquitous, connected community highlighting the impact of mobile technology accompanied by a selection of British music from the last forty or so years. This section featured Tim Berners Lee – the British man hailed as the inventor of the world wide web. From a computer at the centre of Wembley Arena he sent a tweet which was displayed across the stadium “This Is For Everyone”.

Tim Berner’s Lee send possibly the most famous tweet of all time.

Tim Berners Lee published the first ever webpage in the early nineties. Since then the internet has become an indispensable part the lives of almost everyone on the planet. I wonder if anyone has ever seen their work have such an immense impact upon the world within their own life time.