Tonight I went to see the much anticipated finale in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The cinema was packed and so the only place we could find to sit was on the very front row. I actually had to turn my head to see the edges of the screen.

The Dark Knight Rises – Nolan concludes the trilogy

Although the film was a little long it didn’t disappoint. It was an excellent conclusion to the Trilogy and whilst the Bane character had no where near as much chaotic charisma as Heath Ledger’s Joker it’s only Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker that makes this the second best film in the trilogy. One criticism I had for the film was that Bane’s mask was never really explained properly, and the fact that it obscured his voice so much that in some sections I couldn’t actually understand what he was saying. That’s a pity because in other sections his dialogue proved quiet poignant and gave some good insight into the characters involved.

Overall though The Dark Knight Rises is excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though Nolan said he would only do three films the door is left wide open for a spin off or two, so whilst I doubt he will take them on part of me is left really hoping that this isn’t where the story ends.