Yesterday I delivered a challenge zone session for a bunch of schools at Teentech.

Teentech is a careers based event for school kids aimed at fuelling their interest in science and engineering jobs. It was founded by Chris Dodson and Maggie Philbin. I can remember watching Maggie Philbin present Tomorrow’s World when I was very small. Anyway, yesterday I was delivering a session on video games in one of the executive boxes at the KC Stadium. My half hour sessions were pretty packed. After a brief introduction I showed screenshots of a variety of famous games, and challenged the kids to identify each game. Then I asked them where those games were made. The most popular answers were the USA, Japan and China but in actually fact were all made right here in the UK.

Next I showed off a game that I made especially for the event. I explained that the game was only in alpha, and they the kids job was to test it for me. The kids really enjoyed the game, and despite there still being a few bugs to work out their comments were very positive.

Credit for this picture goes to Neil Holmes – Photographer.

I had planned to ask the kids to create their own levels for the game, but they were all having so much fun playing it that I thought I should leave them be. See the picture above for a picture of some pupils immersed in the game. I’m pretty pleased how the game turned out, so I’ll save that for another post sometime.

I’d like to thank all the schools that took part, and the children that attended and gave very positive feedback.

On a separate note, the last two schools that attended were accompanied by some familiar faces. Even though neither were schools that I have ever attended, the teachers in charge had both taught me fifteen to twenty years ago.

Small world!