Last night we went to see Avenue Q at Hull New Theatre. My better half bought tickets for me for my birthday way back in March, and it’s a show that had sparked my interest for a long time before then.

Avenue Q – Like Sesame Street for adults

Avenue Q is a puppet show for adults. It addresses controversial subjects like racism and homosexuality with pinch of salt and a great deal of humour. Overall the show was thoroughly entertaining, but I couldn’t help feeling that it didn’t flow as well as it could have. There were some good songs and a plot that almost fit together well – but not quite. Still though I didn’t let that distract from the overall experience.

This recent graduate is wondering what his hard work will get him..

Always looking to put an educational slant on things, this graduate is wondering what his years of hard work and degree in English will get him. The answer is not much, and I think the same it true of almost any degree these days. That’s why I’m really proud of the extra things that we give our students to help themselves stand out from every other muppet with a posh piece of paper. Things like inviting external speakers we get in to give them a taste of what to expect from the real world, giving students easy methods to develop their personal profiles and hosting events and competitions like three thing game that give the students concentrated opportunities to produce something that is not related to their studies.

Educational slant over, if you get the chance to see it Avenue Q is great. Many thanks to my better half for getting the tickets!