I recently stumbled upon this picture. Even I had no idea who Alvin Toffler is, but a quick google search reveals that he is an American writer and a futurist.

Alvin Toffler – Futurist

I think Alvin has hit the nail pretty much on the head here, especially when applied to a field such as computer science, which changes extremely rapidly. We know when we’re teaching that the specifics of what we’re teaching will need to be refreshed within five years, but hopefully the more abstract skills that we teach will still be in some way applicable to new technologies in the future. Career’s in computer science are destined to be constantly changing, and anyone who hopes for any long term success will constantly have to refresh their skills or have the technology pass them by. This is also why every computer scientists portfolio of work should include some aspects that have not been required for their studies. This shows both a passion for the subject and the ability to learn independently.

I’m just thankful to have a little more flexible time over the summer to update and refresh teaching materials.