This one was pretty easy for me – My gaming system of choice is the XBox360 – although it’s still worth considering to ask why. I’ve found two reasons, and they’ve both been recognised as factors in winning or losing out in the console wars.

The XBox360 was first to market of its generation and although I’ve been tempted I don’t have a PS3. When the PS3 came out people had to work a lot harder to understand it’s unique parallel processing style architecture, so it was hard to get the best out of the PS3 and as a result the quality of games suffered more that it should have, so I was never really tempted to invest. The other consideration would be the PC, but I try to keep my PC in my office for working rather than playing games so most of my gaming is done on the XBox.

The second reason is brand loyalty, but the big factor for me with brand loyalty is the XBox’s meta-game scoring system the xbox achievements. It really feels if I switch to PS3 and trophies I’ll have to start over! There are a couple of games that really make me want to get a PS3 – most notably Uncharted 3 and God of War 3, but just those games aren’t enough to tempt me to buy a whole new system – yet 😉