A few months ago my better half bought me a Kinect for my birthday. So far I’ve been pretty impressed with the motion tracking. I haven’t really found an easy way to “game” the system in the same way that people were able to with the Wii. It appears that the easiest way to be successful using the Kinect is to do what you are meant to.

So far I’ve been playing Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports (1 & 2) and Dance Central 2. Although I didn’t really expect to be a fan of the Dance game I was surprised to say that once you get over the initial embarrassment it is very enjoyable, presenting a level of challenge appropriate for an uncoordinated individual such and myself and ramping it up slowly.

All the sports games are good too. I think my favourite game so far is the basketball. The sports games are also complimented with a nice persistent feedback and a feeling of continuous progress by levelling up your avatar according to your performance.

I still can’t really see Kinect being a long term replacement for controllers, but it certainly is a lot of fun in the right context, and my neice and nephew love it.