I’m an ambassador!

To be more precise, I’ve just completed a couple of workshops on STEM Ambassador Training. STEM stands for Science, Technology , Engineering and Maths and encouraging young people to take an interest in STEM subjects has been an important issue in education for the last few years. Being a STEM Ambassador basically means that I promise to do my bit and connect with a school to promote STEM at least once a year (which I do anyway).

What’s in it for me though? Well, apart from a free CRB check and insurance in case something goes terribly, terribly wrong I get a formal method to record and evidence my activity, which might come in handy one day. I also kind of see myself as somewhat of a STEM double agent, as over the last few years I’ve been seeing a greater need for students to harness their creativity. Companies these days want people who can adapt and find innovative solutions to a wide variety of problems. Finally, often I find the experience of reaching out to help local community very rewarding.

Best order a bucket load of these for my next party!

and of course there’s always the glitzy social scene that I’m lead to believe is common among ambassadors the world over 😉