I suppose the easy option here would be to go for some characters from the final fantasy franchise, or Mario and whatever princess he’s rescuing this time, but I had a few other alternative ideas of in game “couples” that deserve a mention.

Salem and Rios – I’m certain that beneath the war beaten exterior they just want a big hug!

Army of two was a game made specifically for two people to play. The core dynamic is one in which one player acts as a diversion to enemy forces, whilst the other out flanks them. Although there was a single player mode this game was always intended to be played as a pair. The two player characters, Salem and Rios shared a special relationship. Somewhere beneath their extremely exaggerated masculinity and their witty jibes and banter there seems to be a deeper respect. They clearly have a lot of shared experiences, and although they never seem very unwilling to pay lip service to their feelings they make an excellent pairing.

Trip and Monkey provide a pleasing contrast between brains and brawn.

In Enslaved, Odyssey to the West prisoners Monkey and Trip escape a prison transport and have to fight for survival. Initially Monkey is bound to Trip by his headband, which will kill him if Trip dies, or if he ventures too far away from her. Effectively he is her prisoner, but as the game plays out you see the relationship between them develop throughout the game. They begin to trust each other, and become able to empathise with each others situation. Enslaved could have been a contender for my underrated game. I picked it up pretty cheap, and the price was only going one way so if you have the chance you should give it a look.

Bandage Girl was literally made for Meatboy.

However, my favourite game couple are Meatboy and Bandage Girl from the indie game Super Meatboy. Meatboy has no skin. He needs bandage girl in a very literal way. Meatboy lives in constant pain without her, and the whole game is centred around meatboy’s repeated attempts to rescue bandage girl from the bad guy, to be with the one person who was created for him and he cannot be without.

I’ll end this post before you reach for the sick bucket, but that slightly twisted realisation of a metaphor is why Meatboy and Bandage girl are my favourite game couple.