This is a tough one. The only game character I can think of that I can really relate to is Gordon Freeman, being a mild mannered scientist who has adventure thrust upon him – but Peter Robinson seems to have that one locked in already!

The graphics in half life are close to being photorealistic!

I really struggled with this one. After a number of internet based surveys they said that I was most like Link, which I’d be quite happy with, but I don’t really see it myself.

According to highly official :S online surveys I’m most like link

There is a more official survey you can take that tells you the type of player your personality is most suited to in role playing games. It’s called the Bartle test, and you can do it yourself at

This test said I was an achiever, and very goal and reward focussed, which I suppose is probably reasonably accurate.

As far as a character I’d like to be more like, I’m not going to look any further than the dark knight himself.

The Dark Knight – Gadgetfest Ahoy!

Batman has no super powers, just a lot of angst, a lifetime of training and a bunch of kickass gadgets. If there is anyone I would rather be more like, batman is it, although perhaps without quite so much angst.