I’m currently in the process of rearranging my office to accommodate two shiny new whiteboards, which I asked for to help me supervise third year projects. More on that later.

I remember when I was small, on the rare occasion when I decided to tidy my room the process involved making a huge mess, basically getting everything out of place so that there was a blank canvas in which to put everything back into its correct place. Right now I’m in the middle of that process. Everything is out of it’s place, but I’ve not yet found sufficient time to put everything back into the correct place.

Part of my problem is a large cupboard, which was in the office before I moved into it. It contains a bunch of paperwork which is no longer needed. I’d like to throw it all in the bin and get rid of the cupboard all together but some of the paperwork may have student details on in, which means it needs to go away for shredding.

I really need to find the time to get this sorted before the next session starts. I’m hoping that doing a little bit a couple of times a day as well as recruiting some help from some work experience placement students will help me shift it. Once the cupboard is gone I can set about finding places for everything and then hopefully my office will become a little more of a productive working environment and less of a health and safety issue!