These games questions are starting to get harder. This one I think was taxing because for me all games are guilty pleasures. Whenever I’m playing games it’s always at the expense of some other task that may or may not be more worthy of my time. I don’t feel too bad about it though because I recently read a book that put forward an argument that you shouldn’t feel guilty for the time you put into games if it relaxes you. I also read another book that said that if you stop learning from a game and start to play just for a power trip then you would be doing yourself a favour if you stopped and moved on.

Anyway, I ended up with Madden as might guilty pleasure game. There are two reasons why I ended up with Madden.

Reason number one is that of all game franchises I’ve probably spent the most time, and the most money on Madden games. I think I’ve bought a madden game every year since Madden 2000.

Madden 2000 – the madden curse turned cover athlete Dorsey Levens into a fumbling mess in 2001

In terms of the time spent on Madden, I think I go to Madden so often because it gives me a nice bite sized chunk of gaming, that’s over in half an hour or so. I don’t have to think hard to get back into it, and there’s no steep learning curve.

Virtual Alex Smith completes a pass to virtual Vernon Davis in Madden 13

Reason number two is that after each game of Madden I play I’m no closer to finishing Madden. I might be a game closer to finishing a season, but that’s all. Somehow when I have a stack of games that I’m yet to complete that makes Madden seem an even more unproductive use of my time, because I’m not working through the stack of games that I’ve bought and not given the attention they deserve.

So that’s my guilty pleasure game, because it’s the game that I give the most attention to with seemingly the least progression.