I’m not really sure that this game was really underrated. It got a metacritic score of 83, which is pretty good, but somehow it slipped under my radar and I didn’t discover it until it was on offer and worth a punt. Then when I discovered it I was pleasantly surprised.

War is on a mission to put things right and clear his name.

Darksiders has a great plot, and is packed with interesting characters and over the top action. It uses a game mechanic that keeps you engaged by offering rewards that open up new areas and give you more of the gameplay you’ve enjoyed so far. Legend of Zelda games do this very well. Another game I remember playing that had implemented this idea to great effect was Soul Reaver – but I digress.

Darksiders wasn’t so underrated that it was completely canned, and a sequel is due to be released sometime this year. This time you take on the avatar of another of the four horsemen – death.

Death has some~ahem~ grave business to attend to

I’ve not seen very much from the game other than artwork, which looks fantastic, and pre-rendered trailers which as we all know are packed with something between naive optimism and downright lies. I’m still hopeful that they’ve not aimed to high and undershot – personally I would be happy with more of the same.