I this blog post Codie Collinge gives me 30 days of blog posts. I’m not sure I’ll do all of the 30 days of games, but I’ll certainly do some of them.

Thinking back to my first experiences of video games I have very clear memories of play chuckie egg with my Dad when I was seven or eight years old on a BBC-B computer.

Chuckie Egg – it’s a classic

A quick google search later and I discovered that at www.repton3.co.uk you can experience for yourself a bunch of games that I really enjoyed. As well as Chuckie Egg I remember playing all of the repton games very well. I also remember enjoying Citadel, Ravenskull and Stryker’s Run. If you’re interested you can find out more about those games at www.bbcmicrogames.com.

One of my first console games was Bionic Commando on the NES. You can get a spruced up remake on XBLA and there is also a 3D xbox 360 version.

Bionic men can’t jump!

I don’t remember it bothering me back then, but all these years later playing the re-armed version I really miss the ability to jump. I guess that’s Mario’s influence changing my expectation of games.

The xbox 360 3D version didn’t work so well either. If you fondly remember the original it might be worth a look though.