I find it depressing that many of our students will be too young to remember Lemmings, which was first released when I was just entering my teenage years.

Lemmus lemmus – not how I remember them!

I imagine many of them will be aware of the green haired manifestation via one of the many sequels and ports that were released over the years. If not though, I recently stumbled on a blast from the past here. This port is based entirely in the browser to demonstrate some features of HTML5, javascript and ajax. I couldn’t get the kill lemming function to work though, so I ended up a bit stuck.

Another Lemming-centric blast from the past – there used to be an British collegiate American Football team called the Leicester Lemmings. I played against them in 2000-01 and we won 13 points to 12.

The Leicester Game – All Defence!

I’m the one crumpling up the guy in front of me on my way to making a tackle in the backfield ;). Not bad, considering that he knew when the play was going to start and I didn’t.

I was a lot quicker then *sigh*