A clever student called Ryanwas fed up of waiting for his Raspberry Pi, so he developed this Raspberry Pi Map called RasTrack to find out where all the Pi’s were.

As far as I can tell Ryan hasn’t received his Pi and so I’m slightly suspicious of his motives. Ryan is from Stevenage though; There are a lot of Pis between him and me, so I put any potential dubious intentions aside and added myself to the map.
Here I am:

Six Raspberry Pis in Hull

I think it’s fantastic to see people starting messing around with computers from a pretty young age. I’ve already blogged about how having to get used to linux brought back fond memories of my first experiences with MS-DOS. I hate the term “Digital Natives” because it seems that it usually means something like “has a phone that can go on the internet and knows word a bit”, but perhaps with far greater accessibility to tech from the likes of the Raspberry Pi, and reasonably graspable technologies like XNA and PSSuite we’ll see more young people like Ryan, who seem to be leaning more towards computer science and less towards ICT.

I hope Ryan gets his Pi soon.

Edit: Ryan tweeted today (25th) to say he has received his Pi 🙂 Looks like we’re safe 😉