In preparation for our holidays, and because my old Ixus seems to be broken we recently invested in a new camera. I didn’t really have very much time for searching around and figuring out exactly what I wanted, and I knew that whatever I ended up with would be enough of an upgrade that I would be very happy, so I sought advice from a trusted source.

… and here it is!

New Camera, clearly (or unclearly?) taken with an inferior camera!

I’m very excited with the Sony DSC-HX9V that Rob recommended. It’s very easy to use, and has a bunch of preset features depending on what your taking a photograph of. There’s a setting especially for pets, for example 🙂

Piggy – he’s a cat

I’m particularly excited by the panoramic feature which allows me to sweep the camera across a landscape and automatically creates a panoramic image. Initial tests were very promising, and it even told me off when the results weren’t going to be very good because I moved the camera too fast.

Panorama of a green close to my house – I even chopped some off the end because of a stray bin

I’m also quite interested in the 3D picture function. Presumably this takes two stereoscopic images for use with a 3D TV. I don’t have a 3D TV, but I am intrigued as to whether there might be software out there that would allow me to get access to the two individual pictures.

Thanks go to Rob for picking an excellent camera 🙂