In between marking I’ve been taking the odd look at my raspberry pi, which you can now see sporting a swanky laser cut transparent acrylic case.

Laser cut pi case – I took this with the gourmet food setting on my camera!

I managed to connect it to the network and get it through the proxy without too much trouble. My next issue though was sound. There didn’t appear to be any! In my setup I’m connecting the HDMI cable to a monitor, but using the 3mm audio jack for sound. I reasoned that perhaps there is sound, but it’s just getting sent to the wrong place. A few google searches later and I’d found out how to set the thing up so that it automatically sends the sound to the audio jack, even if there is a HDMI cable connected.

Messing around with a linux operating system reminds me a lot of when I got my first PC and had to mess around in DOS to get anything to work. It’s interesting rediscovering this feeling of optimistic intrigue. A feeling of “I know I can make this do what I want it to; the question is how?”.

I still had an issue though. Scratch still didn’t appear to want to play sounds. After a little more digging I found out that when Scratch is run it runs in a smalltalk vm which is set up using a script (presumeably written in small talk) that I could edit. Now, I’m not familiar with linux, or with smalltalk, but I had a bit of a hack with the code whilst carefully leaving breadcrumbs should I want to undo my changes and I think I’ve figured out how to make Scratch do the same think.

In any case, the cat meows now!