If you head over to IndieRoyale.com you can get a bunch of games on a pay what you want deal. This time all the proceeds go to charity, so that’s good.

Osmos – smaller than you – good; bigger than you – bad!

I’ve played Osmos before, and that’s probably worth what you would pay for the whole bundle. In osmos you take the role of a round thing floating around with a bunch of other round things. You can propel yourself in any direction using the mouse, but in doing so you also lose some of your volume. If you bump into something that is smaller than you you absorb it. If you bump into something bigger than you it absorbs you.

Another game in the bundle; Button reminds me a lot of one of the first games you learn to write in Rob’s XNA Book. You can read part of it here. I’d recommend it particularly if you want to start learning C# at the same time.

The Shivah is also included, which appears to be a point and click game about a rabbi who is framed for a murder, and blueberry garden, which appears to be about a garden, and some blueberries.

All the money raised goes to Unicef, Electronic Frontier Foundation, ActionAid and Amnesty International