I finally got around to firing up my Raspberry Pi. Here it is in all it’s glory!

Raspberry Pi – hooked up and ready to go!

It took a couple of attempts because my cunning plan of powering the pi using a powered USB hub didn’t provide enough power to run the pi and the keyboard – but the USB from my computer seemed to fix the problem for the time being, until I get a suitabel micro-usb adaptor.

Default raspberry pi lxde desktop – mmmm, raspberryrry!

I’m using a debian squeeze image from the raspberry pi site. I’m not very familiar with unix so I’ve gone for the version for beginners. It comes with a bunch of stuff installed including a windows style desktop environment called lxde.

The next job is to get the thing connected to the internet – which might be troublesome from inside university. Then I guess I’ll make my scratch pong game and a scratch version of “protect the pi” before doing some “real” programming. I was thinking sweepy cleaner in python and pygame – and then probably some OpenGL ES stuff.

Fun times ahead – it’s amazing of the number of fun things you can dream up when there’s marking to do!