DLC Quest is a game that pokes fun at games that seem obsessed with adding downloading content.

DLC Quest – Do I really need that zombie costume pack?

It’s a nice little platformer in which you collect coins to buy content that unlocks more areas so you can collect more coins. It’s not particularly long, but given the limited time I have to play games that might not be a bad thing.

I would recommend it, although that’s not why I’m blogging about it.

DLCQuest – Thanking the community

Upon completion as the credits began to roll I counted a total of 23 names on a thank you list. That really highlighted for me the importance for indie developers of being involved in the community.

Whether its testers you need, or help with code, someone to bounce ideas off of or someone to make a great soundtrack I think it pays to be involved in the community. You can achieve more together than you can on your own!