I went to see The Avengers Assemble tonight.

The Avengers Assemble - action packed

The Avengers Assemble is by all accounts, a huge film. It has a huge set of characters, played by a huge cast. When you add in the fact that film makers don’t want to marginalise anyone who isn’t familiar with the characters original back story there isn’t very much room for much of a plot. I had concerns about how all the egos (both of the actors and characters).

I needn’t have worried. I really enjoyed the film despite the lack of a plot and a dialog that consists mostly of one liners. The one liners add some light relief (and are genuinely funny) to a series of epic action sequences, pitting hero against hero and heroes against villains.

They fight, they fight, they fight they fight they fight!

There was so much fighting that the itchy and scratchy theme tune would not be inappropriate.

Another thing I enjoyed was the cinema, or rather the people in the cinema. It’s been a very long time since I went to a cinema that was so full and that really added to the atmosphere. Funny one liners and slap stick elements were made more funny by the collective roar of the other cinema goers.

If you like action, marvel or both I highly recommend The avengers assemble.