Today we went to see the cabin in the woods.

I imagine living in a giant Rubik's cube could become quite annoying once the novelty wears off

To be honest I didn’t really know what to expect. I expected that there would be a cabin in some woods, which there was, and I knew that there were meant to be an array of plot twists and turns along the way. I knew this because co-writer Joss Whedon has requested that the internet community not spoil the film in this interview, available on you tube.

I’d hate to make Mr Whedon fly all the way across the Atlantic ocean, so I won’t be posting any spoilers here. I’ll just say that it was a pretty good film, although nothing amazing. I wasn’t really aware of any of what I would call twists. Throughout the film you gradually become aware of the bigger picture but it’s made obvious from the very start that there is something more going on, That made it an interesting alternative take on the stereotypical teen horror film.

There we go – no spoilers there I hope. If you go to see it too let me know what you think of it.