Say “Fez” to most people and they may think of the hat worn by the late, great Tommy Cooper.

A Fez

but Fez is also a platform puzzle game that was recently released on XBLA. I downloaded it and spent a half hour or so playing it, and I really like it! That’s not really surprising since Fez has already won a host of awards from the independent gaming community.

In Fez you control a little 8bit style guy who lives happily in his 8bit 2D world, oblivious to the possibilities of any depth. Then he receives a magical fez along with the realisation that his 2D world is actually a plane in a three dimensional, voxel style world. His Fez enables him to rotate the 3D world through ninety degrees.

Fez: All about perspective

So far it seems that Fez is all about solving puzzles with perspective. Once the 3D world is rotated it is projected back into the 2D plane. That means that things that are not possible in 3D are possible in the 2D projected plane, because once the pesky depth is removed some things are a lot closer together than they were before. I really love the sudden transition from two dimensions to another related – but totally different two dimensions. It’s almost as if there is always the opportunity of a hidden surprise, just a button press away.

Fez is made by Polytron Corporation. A Canadian organisation that boasts a grand total of two employees. I love the idea that just a couple of people can get together, be creative and create something that is brilliant,  innovative not only great but is extremely far reaching. To be honest that makes me a bit jealous. I also love the commitment to the game which took around five years of hard work to complete. That gives me a bit of inspiration and hope, because I’m always complaining that I don’t have the time to commit to things like this.

Maybe I have more time than I think I do…

So far, in the limited time I’ve allocated to Fez it has shown a great deal of promise. Congratulations and Thank you to the guys at Polytron Corporation for seeing the potential and having the tenacity to see it to fruition.