Cogs Game: Utterly Charming

I’ve bought Cogs at least twice now in various charity style bundles but I’ve not really given it much time until recently, and I’ve been missing out. Cogs is basically a more engaging variant of the frustrating sliding puzzles I used to have to endure on long trips before the days of hand held video games. You basically have to slide tiles around until you make the machine work. In the puzzle above I am trying to redirect steam to all six sides of the rocket so that it can take off. It’s a simple idea, but executed to an extremely high standard, and you are challenged to keep coming back to complete the puzzle within a certain time, or in a certain number of moves.

The gameplay is simple and addictive. Sliding pieces around is accompanied by a satisfying clunk noise, and there’s something very pleasing about an extremely well engineered machine, even if it is only a virtual one.

I highly recommend the utterly charming Cogs; especially if you purchase it now as part of the latest Humble Bundle.